Nancy Bowen Brown

Nancy began her caregiving duties at an early age, as her dear mother suffered from severe depression. The oldest of five, she learned early to help care for the family when her mother was hospitalized. For the past several years, Nancy has walked this walk by helping to care for her two elderly parents. Her four other siblings have joined her on this journey as they have watched their father take incredible care of their elderly mother 24/7 in their own home. However, as their father’s health has begun to decline, he needs more assistance. So the siblings have become more involved. Nancy has often turned to Scripture and devotionals for peace and messages of hope when she was fearful.

Nancy has lived in Dallas for 50 years. Nancy considers her family her greatest blessing. She has been married to her husband and greatest supporter, Milo, for 37 years. Together, they have raised two wonderful grown children. She has a master’s degree and has worked in the Communication arena for 30 years.

In today’s world, many people find themselves in the role of caregiver caring for elderly parents, disabled children, or siblings. Nancy has spoken with many of these caregivers and will share their unique stories on her blog. Every other week, she will include a short story about one of these caregivers and describe what strategies have helped him/her cope. She will include inspirational verses from Scripture and reflections to help struggling caregivers cope with the everyday challenges they face. Together, we can offer help and hope to each other and find victory through sharing our stories!